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ZIPPEE SHADE is cool under the sun

By George Marsh (Article from SCMM Newsletter Feb 2009 Vol. 7 Issue 2)

Okay, I admit it. I’m not the easiest person to please when it comes to consumer products. There are a lot of inferior products on the market and nothing peeves me more than wasting money on products that don’t live up to the manufacturer’s promise. Often the simplest gadget proves to be the best idea. The first mod I made to my MINI, to this day, is still one of the most functional — the glove box organizer. How did the MINI designers let that one slip through the cracks?

Recently, thanks to SCMM member Michael Pitts, I’ve found another simple device for the MINI that may equal the glove box organizer in its simplicity and design — the ZIPPEE SHADE. If your MINI has a sunroof, listen up, you’ll love this product. Driving across the southwest two summers ago, when the outside temperature hovered around 108 degrees, the global warming inside my MINI was intense. Even with the MINI’s sunscreen closed, the heat radiated through the sunroof.  I cut a piece of cardboard and placed it between the screen and sunroof to block out the sun. It worked, but it wasn’t pretty and it made noise sliding around every corner or bump in the road. And when I wanted to open the sunroof, I had to deal with a big piece of cardboard.

Thankfully, someone has built a better mousetrap. The folks at have come up with an ingenious solution to keep your MINI cool. The ZIPPEESHADE is a lightweight, easy to collapse and store, simple to install shade, that fits perfectly in your MINI’s sunroofs, both of them. You get two shades — one for the front, one for the rear. What a deal! Check it out at

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ZIPPEESHADES Pass The Test In Hot SoCal Sun

March 15th, 2009 by califzeph (Article from Miniology)

This past week we took a trip in the Mini to Southern California. Along the way, I had a chance to test out the newest product from ZippeeGear, the ZIPPEESHADE.

Zippeeshade is a sunroof shade custom fitted for the Mini Cooper. The Zippeeshade is easy to install, fitting nicely in the recessed areas of the front and back sunroofs, providing complete sunlight blockage inside the cabin.

The visible part of the shade is black to match any interior, and the topside of the shade is a silvery reflectorized material that repels the sun.

The Zippeeshade comes in a compact carry case that stores the shades when not in use. The shades in the case are small enough to fit in the door pocket of your Mini, or in the storage pouch behind the front seat.

When in use, the Zippeeshade attaches to your glass via very strong suction cups that hold the shade securely in place.

An added benefit to having Zippeeshades is that you can also attach them to the side windows of your Mini while parked, blocking light, heat and prying eyes. You might want to order two sets of Zippeeshades so that you can have complete protection!

Zippeeshades can be ordered for all models of Mini Coopers, 2002 and up.  Our Zippeeshades performed flawlessly during our vacation, keeping the Mini nice and cool inside from the hot Southern California sun. Zippeeshades are available from the manufacturer’s website, I highly recommend them!

I just got a Zippeeshade, too

May 22, 2009 by PhantomMC (Article from North American Motoring)

I just got a Zippeeshade, too. It seems very well made, folds up nicely, and fills the sunroof space well. The thing that sold me, though, was the fact that the rear shade can be installed and just left in place, even if the rear sunroof is cracked open. I like that, and it means that when I get it installed, it will stay installed for the summer (most likely).

I have the Stratmosphere windshield shade and love it, but they said their rear sunroof shade should not be left in place if the roof is opened.

I’ll also put in a plug for the Zippeebag, a black bag that hangs on the back of the seat and holds whatever you need it to hold. They advertise it for trash, but I’m using it for hats, microfiber cloths, etc. – all the junk that would otherwise be all over the back seat.

Every Sunroof needs one of these!, August 4, 2009

Gerald Arb “stlsrms” (st. louis) – See all my reviews

I just purchased a new MINI Cooper and it came with two sunroofs-moonroofs. The problem I had was that the roof was nice but at times the Sun was just too much and I could not completely block it out. I finally came upon this ZippeeShade for the sunroof and I just had to try it. Each one is made especially for the vehicle you have. I received the shades in about a week and the instructions were simple. I just open my sunroof and slipped the block out ZippeeShade between the glass, (it attaches to the inside of the glass easily with suction cups)and closed the inner shade and it was like I had no sunroof at all, which on some days is great and necessary. The shade comes in it’s own carrying case and you can take it out to store it in the glove box if you want to use the sunroof as normal. I just love it and it was just what I needed. Glad I found it.

20 Comments so far:

  1. gary smith says:

    I think this product is fabulous. I have a 06 Cooper with the dual sunroof’s and man what a difference these Zippeeshades make in reducing the heat in my interior. No more beads of sweat dripping off my forehead, thanks Zippee.

    G. Smith

  2. rmullins says:

    The Zippee Shade is very easy to install and take back out. Really helps with hot desert

  3. Bob says:

    Love the Zippee Shade for keeping the So Cal heat out of my ’09 JCW.

    Thanks Bob

  4. J. Kegley says:

    Hi, I have one of your shades on my mini and it’s great. Do you make
    shades for any other vehicles ?

  5. Dr. K.A. Thomas says:

    This shade is a Godsend for my MINI. I’ve been recommending them at work (there are a few MINI drivers there). Thanks again,

  6. Terry says:


    Thanks! I meant to write you again last night. In the past two days, I found
    scrap paper in my car and wrote notes to leave in the doors.

    On one I wrote something like, “Is it hot? You might check out
    The shades keep the sun out of my car and it is much cooler. You may have seen
    my Mini close by when you parked.”

    On another I wrote, “I love my Zippeeshades. They keep the Mini much cooler in
    the hot sun. I think you’d like them, too. You can get them at Zippeeshades.

    I thought of this, too. I can’t believe the difference the Zippeeshades make in
    my Mini. Try it, you’ll like it. I love mine.

    Actually, I can’t remember the exact wordings, but something to that effect and
    thought maybe you could come up with something like that and enclose them in
    your packaging or send to dealers.


  7. Laurie Kurtz says:

    Amazingly fast delivery! Overall, excellent transaction; This was bought as a Christmas gift.

  8. Shannon says:

    The Zippeeshade is a MUST HAVE for MINI Cooper owners! I have had my
    MINI for over 2 years and, being that the MINI has so much glass, have suffered
    from the stifling heat throughout the summer even with tinted windows and the
    use of a windshield sunshade. I installed my new Zippeeshades today and went to
    the mall. I parked in the direct sun for over 3 hours and when I got back to the
    MINI, the temperature was actually comfortable inside!! I am FLOORED by the
    difference that the Zippeeshades are making, both while parked and while driving
    in the sun. If I had known how much more comfortable my MINI would be, I would
    have bought these ages ago, NO question. Five stars, two thumbs up and all that

  9. patty says:

    Its those little things in life that really do count…ie..
    the Zippeeshades….I am thrilled with them and they work
    keeping that hot sun out..and soo easy to install….
    At first I was skeptical especially the price.. and when I
    received them I wasnt too thrilled –but when I finally got around
    to installing them I was over the moon!! thanks..when are you
    going to invent a front window shade? Keep me posted!!

  10. Silverblood says:

    Bought mine earlier this year, one of the best items in my Mini during the
    summer months. Thanks ZippeeShade!!!

  11. Dave says:

    Great Item !!

    But after 2 yrs the 3 rubber suction cups don’t hold it to the glass anymore.

    • zippeegear says:

      If your suction cups have lost it’s shape, you can simply try removing them from the shade. Than place them into a microwave safe bowl with some water. Microwave the suction cups on high, for approx. 4 min. Let dry and reinstall into the shade. This solution will usually reshape the suction cups to it’s former shape.

  12. Frank says:

    I just received my Zippee Shade and the instructions say to have the long edge of the fabric facing the front on the front sunroof glass and the long edge of the fabric facing rear on the rear sunroof glass. Since both sunroofs tilt up on the back of the glass, why not have the long edge of the fabric on the rear glass facing to the front as well? This would appear to allow venting on both sunroofs.

    • zippeegear says:

      Thank you for the suggestion. We’ve never tried installing it in the opposite direction, but I’m sure it would work well. You can always try to reverse the installation of the shade in your sunroof, if you feel that would work better for you. Just be sure you check that the loose fabric doesn’t bind on any moving parts.

  13. Ross Allen says:

    I placed an order a week and a half ago and hav’nt received it yet, how do I contact you?

    • zippeegear says:


      I’m sorry for the delayed reply. I was just going over our threads and noticed your message. I checked your order and it shows that it was delivered. Can you please confirm you received your Zippeeshade?

  14. Jung says:

    Wow. Zippeeshade has the best customer service ever! Shortly after my comment (3 hours later), Ari has contacted and helped me re-purchase my shipment. I am sooo thrilled to receive zippeeshade!!! 🙂 I am soooo grateful. THANK YOU!!!!!! ARI!!!!!! you’ve saved me from this 120 degrees hot car.

  15. Elizabeth Cooper Abdulhadi says:

    Excellent!!! Very happy here in NorCal with these shades on my lemon yellow Mini!

  16. Mike Wentz says:

    I am considering purchasing the sunshade for my 2010 Cooper S hatchback, but I have a question: Can the sunroof be opened wit the sunshade in place? I could not find any comment on this anywhere.


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